Tradition and quality do not necessarily exclude up-to-date production techniques, hygiene and food safety.

With some inventiveness, both can be perfectly combined.


In order to respond to the standards of the Belgian Food Safety Agency (FAVV) and the quality requirements of our customers the plant and the products of Ferdinand Tierenteyn are regularly audited by the FAVV. Ferdinand Tierenteyn also disposes since 2014 of a quality certificate.


Economic crisis and extreme hunt for profit sometimes bring companies to unfair and even dangerous practices with disastrous consequences. To avoid doing business with such companies, the IFS Global Market program contains instructions to screen and judge the suppliers on a regular basis. Questionable suppliers are immediately deleted from the suppliers-list.


Without any doubt, the taste of our products is of extreme importance. To assure a high and constant quality, we rely on several items:

  • Brilliant recipies that already survived 2 centuries: they assure an excellent product and are the fundament of all future product-developments.
  • Straight from the region of origin, a severe controle and selection: only the best mustard seeds are good enough ! The same principle is used to control the other raw materials.
  • The rather small sized character of the company, human attention for the product: that’s how we handle natural raw materials. Here people make the difference with computerized automatic systems: wé keep in touch with the product.
Need information?

Consumers can find the most important product characteristics in the section ‘products’ + will also find the necessary information on the product label.


Professionals can make a request for Technical Fact Sheets by mail + can find the product information on the central database GDSN CDB.