Extra Mustard

This is the spiciest and hottest mustard in the product range. This mustard is made from a mixture of brown mustard seed (Brassica juncea) and Ethiopian mustard seed (Brassica nigra). The Ethiopian mustard seed contains a lot of volatile oils and gives the mustard, combined with the brown seeds, a pronounced flavour.

This mustard is ideal for people who like very spicy, aromatic mustards, ideal for the real mustard-amateur.

Available packaging
Glass jar 200 g
(pack of 12)

Glass jar 180 g
Delicacy packaging
(pack of 12)

Earthenware pot 300 g
(pack of 6)
Glass jar 1 kg
(pack of 12)
Bucket 3 kg
(pack of 8)

Bucket 5 kg
(per piece)

Plastic barrel 50 kg
(per piece)

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