Ghentse Pickles

Lots of crispy vegetables, a delicate balance between sweet and acid, a nice structure, a perfect aftertaste ... In short: everything a real pickles-amateur may expect from real good pickles. The Ghentse Pickles from Ferdinand Tierenteyn are ready to conquer Flanders. They surely deserve a place on your table. Are you curious ? Ask for our pickles in the point of sale where you buy the mustards of Ferdinand Tierenteyn. Enjoy our Ghentse Pickles and your meal !

November 2015


Sport: Tierenteyn-rit 2015

Autosport-organiser Hemicuda from Lauwe organised this year the 4th edition of the Tierenteyn-rit and opened with this event the competition 2015 in Flanders. All 63 teams received a roadbook and had to discover an unknown parcours. At the end, all participants received a jar of spicy Tierenteyn-mustard, referring to the spiciness of the competition. More information on (January 2015)


Certified !

The transfer of the Tierenteyn-production-unit from our native town Ghent to Deinze had several goals. One of them was to keep pace with the requirements of production- and foodsafety. In the meantime this goal has been achieved and resulted in a certificate COMEOS FOOD Higher Level. For all our customers, great and small, it proves that we take care of the products that are supplied to them. You can download the certificate via het sub-menu Quality on our website. (December 2014)


New logo !

Some people already saw it in the supermarkets: we gave our logo a face-lift. The dragon is still there, referring to our native town Ghent and the spicy character of mustard. And although the logo changed, taste and quality did not ! Enjoy our mustards ! (November 2014)


The Tierenteyn-peace

It is no news for mustard adepts to say that there are still 2 Tierenteyn-mustard-producers active in the mustard-branche. They, Ferdinand Tierenteyn and Tierenteyn-Verlent Vve, were born out of the activities of Petrus Tierenteyn, founder of the Tierenteyn-mustard-dynasty. Since his sons Ferdinand and Franciscus-August took over the mustard activity of their father, there has been no more cooperation or close contact between the 2 families. The Summer Convention of Rotary District 1620 in June 2014 has changed this fact. We, Ferdinand Tierenteyn, reacted positively on the demand of Rotary Prinsenhof Ghent to be part of the goody bag for the Rotarians provided that Tierenteyn-Verlent was also invited for this event. This was the start of the first approach and cooperation between the Tierenteyns in almost 200 years. A nice illustration of the Peace-Promoting-mission of Rotary ! We do not know if this first and pleasant approach will lead us to a further cooperation. The future will learn us. (June 2014)


The Mustard Poems by Willem Elsschot, bundled by WEG

The famous writer Willem Elsschot (1882-1960), also active in the publicity branch, has written 9 poems about the mustards of Ferdinand Tierenteyn. The poems have been published in Snoeck’s booklets, the first in 1947, the last in 1959.

Vic van de Reijt (The Willem Elsschot society - has gathered and commented the 9 poems in a booklet of 24 pages. It was nicely illustrated by Jan Vanriet.

(October 2013)


New delicacy mustard packaging

At the beginning of September 2013, Tierenteyn introduced its new delicacy mustard packaging. Jars and labels have been restyled. They are sober but at the same time elegant and classy, and therefore very apted for the fine food and delicacy circuit and the use in gift baskets. The delicacy range comprises 4 types of mustards and is therefore larger than the classic range. In the future the delicacy range will be further widened.

(September 2013)


Regional Products Market - Ghent - April 6th 2013

The Groot Vleeshuis organised on April 6th their yearly market for regional products, this year not inside the hall of the Groot Vleeshuis, but outside on the Groentenmarkt: 22 producers  of regional products of East-Flanders presented their delicacies, and of course, Ferdinand Tierenteyn was also present !  It was a little cold outside, but the interest of Flemish people ánd tourists for our mustards was heart-warming ...

(April 2013)


Tierenteyn in Delhaizes - The Biggest Cooking Event -

Delhaize organised from Thursday November 30th until Sunday December 1st 2012 for the first time ‘The Biggest Cooking Event’. Five chefs de cuisine (Wout Bru, Bart Desmidt, Peter Goossens, Yves Mattagne en Lionet Rigolet) from 5 star-restaurants guided about 1600 amateur cooks through the preparation of a star-menu. During 1,5 hour the participants saw how the meal was prepared and they also cooked it themselves on the same time, each standing in his own small cooking-island.

On demand of the chefs de cuisine and Delhaize, Tierenteyn has supported the event by sponsoring it with the Extra Mustard (strong mustard) and with the Mustard à l’ancienne (grain mustard). Indeed, for a great dish, we are always present !

The reaction of the organiser after the event?  "The mustards were top and the chief-cooks excited" !

(December 2012)


Groot Vleeshuis: 10 years of promotion for the regional products of East-Flandern

The Groot Vleeshuis of Ghent celebrated on march 21st its 10th anniversary. The Groot Vleeshuis stands for the promotion of the culinary regional products of the province of East-Flandern. A large number of culinary top-products, from beers up to cheeses and mustard, is sold to the Belgian consumer and to tourists. The mustards of Ferdinand Tierenteyn were present in the Groot Vleeshuis from the beginning and the mustard producers have always appreciated the effort that was and still is made by the people of the Groot Vleeshuis.

See also:

(April 2012 )


AUBEL-ham in a jacket of TIERENTEYN-grain-mustard: Product of the Year 2012

The Aubel-ham in a jacket of Tierenteyn-grain-mustard was recently elected by the Belgian Consumers Product of the Year 2012: a delicious combination of 2 Belgian traditionals: a ham signed ‘Meesterlyck’ and an authentic grain-mustard produced by Ferdinand Tierenteyn.


(March 2012)


A new location !

As earlier announced, Tierenteyn finally left the old buildings in Ghent and moved to its new location in Deinze in the week before Christmas 2011. From now on, you can find us on the following coordinates:

Mostaardfabriek Ferdinand Tierenteyn
Europalaan 53
9800 Deinze
Tel 09/226 32 62
Fax 09/226 32 63

(January 2012)


A new location, an assurance for the future ...

The mustard production of Ferdinand Tierenteyn will soon be moved to a new location, nearby its hometown Ghent. There is no doubt:  the relocation is an important step in the history of Ferdinand Tierenteyn.  During almost 2 centuries the production was located at a stone’s throw of the Ghent city center. But the search for a new location was a necessary step in order to assure the future of the Ferdinand Tierenteyn company and the Tierenteyn mustards. The new location will bring us a better answer to the newest requirements of food safety and environmental issues, an improved internal and external logistic and the possibility of a small increase of the production capacity. But the essence of our activities will remain unchanged: the taste and quality of our mustards, the artisanal production techniques, the small scaled character of the company and the care for our clients and consumers.

(November 2011)


"Challenge Belgium" in Washington: with Tierenteyn mustard !

In 2010, Belgian Embassy Chef Jan Van Haute was the winner of Cultural Tourism DC's Embassy Chef Challenge, earning him the privilege to judge this year's Embassy Chef Challenge, scheduled on April 12 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. Leading up to that event was another friendly chef competition, "Challenge Belgium," a cook-off that took place in the kitchens of the World Bank on March 26. Ten competing chefs each received a salmon and a basket of surprise ingredients drawn from Belgian cuisine, including North Sea shrimp, Tierenteyn mustard, Brussels sprouts, endives, mussels and beer. Van Haute was impressed with the results: "It was very nice to see other chefs adapting Belgian ingredients to the cuisine of their own culture." The winner of Challenge Belgium, as announced on the night of the Embassy Chef Challenge, was the Danisch chef Lars Beese.

Source: Belgium Today April 2011


Chef Embassy 2010

In March 2010, the Belgian chef Jan Van Haute won in Washington the prestigious Chef Embassy 2010 challenge. Chef Van Haute cooks already for 1,5 year for the Belgian ambassador, and was before that active in the famous Belgian 3-star restaurant Hof van Cleve. He also cooked for the Belgian Royal Family and in top-rated Japanese and Australian restaurants.

His winning dish featured typical Belgian products: pork, Belgian endives, Brussels sprouts, brown Leffe beer and … the Extra mustard from Ferdinand Tierenteyn. One couldn’t imagine a better publicity for the Belgian top-products and of course for our Ferdinand Tierenteyn mustards !

(photo: Washington University Radio -



- Aubel-ham in a jacket of Tierenteyn-grain-mustard wins Golden Archer price !

- AUBEL-ham in a jacket of TIERENTEYN-grain-mustard

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